Creating websites is a very important step in the development of modern business. The key to successful business on the Internet is a well designed website.  A website represents your online identity, it is your mirror on the Internet.

In the simplest way, the website provides a quick and simple way to exchange information between customers and bidders. Having a website means that customers can always find you – anytime and anywhere. Even outside of business hours, your website continues to find and secure new customers.  A website is a useful tool for sharing key information about your business with clients and answer all their questions.

If you own a website, you raise your business to a higher level, thus you look more professional, and you expand your business.

I offer you the creation of a high-quality, modern, functional and fast website. I provide support you 24/7, update and maintain the site.

With a website, you present your company in the best possible way.


Today, competition on the Internet is high in all industries. Today, the Internet represents the most profitable and fastest way to develop sales activities. The Internet itself has caused consumers to change their habits, enabling quick search and comparison of various offers.

Within the system of online shopping, i.e. online stores, there are three most common ways of doing business, namely: B2C (abbreviated from the word business to consumer), which implies that the process within the online store takes place between the customer and the entrepreneur, that is, the manufacturer or service provider, then B2B (abbreviated from business to business), within which the process of online trade takes place between two entrepreneurs, and as a kind of combination of these two methods of online trade, the B2B2C method was also developed, which is abbreviated from business to business to client, which means that online trade takes place either between two entrepreneurs or between a customer and an entrepreneur, while in this method of trade between them there is also an intermediary. It is this third method that is by and large the most represented in modern online shop.

Creating a web shop is a springboard for both beginners and experienced sellers. A webshop can represent a turning point in your business.

Basic advantages of the web shop: available 24 hours a day, selection of different products in one place, payment by credit card or when picking up the order.

There isn’t a company that hasn’t experienced increased sales after building their web shop. A web shop is the most effective way to quickly connect with both old and new customers. A small investment that can pay off very quickly.


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. The goal of every website should be to be found not only by name but also by keywords that are relevant to that business. In order to better position the website on search browsers, it is necessary to invest in SEO optimization.

SEO optimization improves the position of the site on the Internet, which increases the number of visitors to your website and improves its ranking by Internet search browsers. People who are looking for something on the Internet search using a search browser. By throwing out search results almost 99% of people only look at the first or second page of search results. This is why SEO exists. The goal is to achieve a high ranking on the search browsers by optimizing the website as much as possible, so that you can be on the first page of Google for a specific search term, and thus you get many new visitors.

The difference between, for example, an advertisement on TV and a well-optimized website is that a well-optimized website will be visited by visitors who are looking for exactly the product or service that you offer, and not everyone wants to watch an advertisement on TV. The first page on the Google search browser is a guarantee of the success of an internet presentation.


Without a visual identity, there is no quality marketing and therefore no recognition on the market. It is a key step in creating a recognizable brand. Creating a logo is the first step in creating a visual identity.

You need to be careful when you present yourself or your product, because others see you exactly as you present yourself to them.

The most famous brands have very recognizable logos that people are used to, which speaks volumes about the impact a company’s visual image has on presenting itself to the general public.

I offer you attractive graphic solutions that will identify and present you on the market. In the simplest terms, which will brand you.

I create for you: 

  • logo,
  • visit card,
  • promotional material,
  • various brochures,
  • posters.